Invisible Enemy or Friend? Reasons Why a Good

Refrigerator is Critical to Health


Nowadays, refrigerator plays a vital role in our everyday life. A good refrigerator allows for keeping foods fresh or even lets you enjoy leftovers. Yet, one good refrigerator’s prime mission is not just keeping your food chills. The good refrigerator’s chief duty is to slow the growth of bacteria such as salmonella, e-coli, and botulinum in food. The following is a guide to keep a healthy refrigerator. Not only will these tips help you keep your refrigerator operation healthily, but they will also help you to keep your food fresh, nutritious and contamination-free for longer. Keep reading!

Reasons Why a Good Refrigerator is Critical to Health

Generally speaking, the refrigerator is an ecosystem – each space within it offers is slightly different conditions that suit different kinds of foods—keeping the foods at the right temperature helps firstly to retain the nutritional qualities of foods. Secondly, a good refrigerator helps to slow the growth of microorganisms and bacteria, thus reducing foodborne illness.

However, if you treat the fridge in the wrong way, this will lead to potential risk and make your fridge become the petri dish for foodborne illness. For example, if your fridge is packed full of food from day to day, you’re bound to occasionally spill some milk, juice, some other contents of a takeout box, or juice from raw meat. If these are not cleaned in time, the bacteria will grow exponentially and further contaminate your fridge. As a result, this will create an unsafe environment for food storage.

How to Keep Refrigerator in a Health Condition

According to the research, one in six Americans is get sick by foodborne illness every year. Therefore, more education for refrigerator maintenance and food safety is required. So how to properly maintain the health of your fridge? Let’s start with the basics.

1、Clean out your fridge regularly.

To limit the chance of bacteria growth, it is recommended to clean out your fridge one to two times a month. When you do the cleaning, remove the shelves and drawers, wash them with dish soap and hot water. Regularly cleaning is a very effective way to limit bacteria growth and help maintain a healthy storage environment.

2、Storage Food Properly

Proper food storage is critical to your health. Within your fridge, there are different temperature zones for you to storage different things. For example, raw meats should be covered and stored in the frozen zone to avoid deterioration and bacteria breeding. You should always store food in storing, airtight containers specially designed for food storage to avoid cross-contamination of foods.

3、Keep Your Fridge Nice and Cool

To maintain food safety, you should keep the fridge below 5℃, while the freezer temperature should be -15℃. Keeping food at this temperature or below has proven to slow harmful bacteria’s growth and minimize food spoilage significantly.

As You Shop for the Good Refrigerator

When you shop for a good refrigerator in the market, consider the refrigerator features that you will use most before buying. For example, the specialized storage features can let you store foods flexibly. Moreover, the performance features like dual cooling, in which a dedicated cooling system makes sure fresh and frozen food is store in the right environment.

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