French Door Fridge Vs. Side by Side One: Which One

Should You Go For?

There is no doubt that the refrigerator is one of the most critical features in the kitchen. It is the home for the fruit, and of course, the keeper of all the fresh meat. The fridge’s function is essential than most of the facade detail – no matter its color, material, it’ll be all the same inside. However, one seemingly unique detail can make a massive difference in how we use the refrigerator: we use the French door fridge or side by side one.

French Door Fridge Vs. Side By Side One:

Here Are All the Things That You Should Consider Before Choosing One

Think of the Space

Whether it is a French door fridge or a side by side one, both offer their distinctive advantages. And picking between them is primarily a matter of preference. Therefore, with AIWA refrigerator for review here, it is the right time to step out and look at how the styles of different refrigerator types stack up and offer us tips on choosing the suitable types of refrigerators for your specification.

The AIWA FF4-58 side by side fridge and FF2-69 French door fridge are two decent examples of what you can expect from their respective categories. Regarding the side by side fridge, the AIWA FF4-58 model has a total capacity of 522 L, which is larger than many refrigerators. The required capacity is pretty much par for the course with the refrigerator development.

AIWA models FF4-58 and FF2-69 both come with 3-4 sliding shelf and two adjustable gallon bins. And of course, here is the obvious flip side between the side by side fridge and French door one as side by side fridge place the refrigerator and freezer next to one another. In contrast, a French door one is arranged like a bottom-freezer, but with two refrigerator doors open from the center-out.

On top of that, a side by side fridge’s vertical design can give you multiple shelves for more accessible organization. By splitting things down to the middle, the door only needs to swing out half as far. In this regard, the side by side fridge is tending to be slightly more efficient while in use.

French Door Fridge Vs. Side By Side One: Consider Performance

While performance can vary from brand to brand, model to model, the comparison between side by side and French door, AIWA fridges is pretty indicative of what you should expect between the two categories.

If you tend to freeze much food, cook meals in bulk ahead of time, then you may appreciate the convenience, extra space, and organization that a side by side fridge offers. The column of vertical shelves makes it more convenient to see what is around you. And you can organize frozen foods by shelves. As for the French door model, the French door offers the narrow door swing of a side by side with the storage convenience of a bottom freezer refrigerator. And you generally have more configuration choices for the interior of a French door model.

A Choice Conundrum – French Door Fridge Vs. Side By Side One

A French Door is Your Option If

A side by side is Your Option If

You prefer to store more fresh items than frozen.

You want more generous door bin storage.

The traditional style is your preference.

You prefer to cook and storage in bulk.

You don’t want to bend to reach fresh food.

Storage capacity is what matters most.

As aforementioned, you must consider these advantages and drawbacks before deciding which kinds of refrigerators to buy – French door fridge or side by side one. To know more, you can explore online with the help of AIWA expert. If you have more queries regarding choosing the right type of refrigerator, you can always source AIWA for help. Your best bet: Shop for models by sites like ours that conduct complete cooling tests on each model. When the advanced model comes out, we’ll tell you all about it.