All FAQs about AIWA Products: A Detailed Support

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All FAQs about AIWA Products: A Detailed Support2023-01-10T14:43:42+08:00

All FAQs about AIWA Products: A Detailed Support for You

Being a leading pioneer in different industries, AIWA is renowned for our exclusive and various products, including AIWA smart TV, monitors, smart air conditioners, small domestic appliances, electronics accessories, and other products to entertain user experience. Since our professional services and high-performance products attract numerous customers, they raise some FAQs that need to be answered. Therefore, this article will first introduce some hot-selling products and guide you to figure out some FAQs about these popular products.

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3 Acclaimed AIWA Products You Should Know

We are an expert dedicated to providing high-innovation products at reasonable prices. The following are some main popular products with super high performance and quality.

AIWA Smart Air Conditioner

Our smart air conditioners are designed with various functions to satisfy the different requirements of people worldwide. For instance, many people prefer smart air conditioners with beautiful appearance, while some are prone to functional smart air conditioners. And AIWA is a one-stop shop that can offer versatile smart air conditioners with the best services! 

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With the various sizes of the screen we offer, AIWA smart TVs are suitable for families with different amount of members. Designed with outstanding characteristics such as stunning sound and clear picture quality, users can entertain themselves in their leisure time pleasantly. 

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AIWA Monitors

Monitors are becoming indispensable both in commercial places and homes, making people raise higher standards for these monitors. After an in-depth insight into the market demand, AIWA monitors come up with integral features that win worldwide appreciation, including high resolution, high refresh rate, new interfaces, and so on. 

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Q & A

FAQs about AIWA Smart Air Conditioner

How long is the warranty period of the AIWA smart air conditioner?2022-11-24T17:54:27+08:00

It is about 12 months.

What is the average lifespan of AIWA smart air conditioner?2022-11-24T17:54:04+08:00

Normally, according to the national standard, an air conditioner’s average life is about 8 years, but our company’s standard is more than it.

How often does AIWA smart air conditioner need to be serviced?2022-11-24T17:53:42+08:00

Generally, the indoor filter needs to be cleaned once every two months. The evaporator generally depends on the working environment. Normally, it rarely needs to be cleaned. The condenser of the outdoor unit also varies depending on the working environment. Generally, it can be cleaned once every two years. If the environment is dusty, it is recommended to clean it once a year.

Is AIWA smart air conditioner easy to install?2022-11-24T17:53:07+08:00

We can provide the most easy-to-install smart air conditioners. Our air conditioners don’t need hole expansion, making the installation more convenient than other air conditioners.

Is AIWA smart air conditioner intelligent?2022-11-24T17:52:46+08:00

Yes. It has some intelligent functions including but not limited to:

  • Constant temperature adjustment
  • Low noise technology
  • Innovative blue mini-wing design
  • Split air-flow passage design
  • Realtime display
  • Automatic dust filtering
  • Independent fresh air mode
  • Smart Wi-Fi control
What is the double eddy current noise suppression technology?2022-11-25T16:19:07+08:00

It is an intelligent technology that aims to reduce noise during operation. With this innovative design, our smart air conditioners achieve super low noise, making the living environment more comfortable.

Is AIWA smart air conditioner expensive?2022-11-24T17:51:35+08:00

Not expensive at all. We are an expert in providing affordable prices with the best services. And our professional sales team will offer you the most reasonable quote.

Why does AIWA smart air conditioner lead the market trend?2022-11-24T17:51:17+08:00

AIWA smart air conditioners are the 3rd generation of air conditioners, which can provide fresh air in a purifier way. Meanwhile, AIWA smart air conditioners can not only provide functions you can see in 1st generation (ON/OFF cooling and heating) and 2nd generation (inverter energy-saving) but also act as your assistant with numerous innovative designs.

FAQs about AIWA Monitors

Is the logistics on time? Will the product be damaged?2022-11-24T18:05:41+08:00

We are known for our fast and secure delivery. The strength of our factory production enables our high-quality products to be delivered at the fastest speed. In addition, all products will be packaged in a safe and sound way, allowing you to receive intact products in time. 

How long is the warranty period for AIWA monitors?2022-11-24T18:05:23+08:00

The warranty period for AIWA monitors is normally 2 years. 

Does the AIWA monitor have an ergonomic design?2022-11-24T18:05:04+08:00

Yes. For instance, AIWA monitors can be freely adjusted according to the angle of view to protect your cervical spine. 

Will the prolonged watching cause eye discomfort?2022-11-24T18:04:47+08:00

Not at all. Our monitors adopt the flicker-safe technology to reduce the onscreen flicker level almost to zero, protecting the eyes and enabling users to use it the whole day. 

How about the performance of AIWA monitors?2022-11-24T18:04:29+08:00
  • IPS monitor to keep colors consistent at any angle
  • 4K HD resolution brings a clear, natural, and qualified visual experience
  • Color calibrated to maintain accurate color and prevent gradual changes
  • Virtually borderless design
  • Beautiful low blue light
Is the AIWA monitor suitable for playing games?2022-11-24T18:03:59+08:00

Most AIWA monitors are suitable for users to play games and use in commercial places without eye discomfort. 

FAQs about AIWA Smart TV

Can AIWA smart TV achieve remote control?2022-11-24T18:02:26+08:00

The intelligent design of the remote control makes AIWA smart TV easy to access what you want everywhere you are. Some customized features like point-and-click and voice controls can be achieved by using AIWA smart TV. 

How to achieve screen sharing?2022-11-24T18:02:07+08:00

If the phone and TV are on the same network, you can drop the video or movie into the TV to enjoy a bigger screen, bringing a more satisfying visual experience.

What is webOS TV?2023-03-13T09:10:09+08:00

webOS TV is a unique portal to a world of entertainment. No matter where you are, you are allowed to control the TV and use the network technologies.

Does AIWA smart TV have entertainment options?2022-11-24T18:01:27+08:00

One of the major selling points of AIWA smart TV is that you can get various delightful functions, such as free access to 180+ IP streaming media channels and Apple TV+ to find thousands of movies.

Does AIWA smart TV support Dolby sound?2022-11-24T18:01:09+08:00

Yes. The Dolby sound of our smart TVs will create immersive and impressive sound to entertain the whole family by watching YouTube, NETFLIX, Prime video, etc.

Can AIWA smart TV achieve the effect of cinema?2022-11-24T18:00:01+08:00

All AIWA smart TVs can turn the living room into a fantastic cinema by providing a UHD/HD/4K visual experience.