In the heart of India, Aiwa India has not only established itself back in full force but has also paved the way for exceptional marketing endeavors.

Our forthcoming initiatives involve venturing into the domains of both major and minor household appliance sectors. We will continue our vertical expansion within our existing categories, such as Audio and Televisions, which will include the introduction of products like party speakers, soundbars, and updated TV models. These efforts are aimed at securing a consistent growth path as part of our long-term business strategy for the subcontinent.

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Let’s take a small glimpse into Aiwa India’s remarkable journey and some of the highlights that truly celebrate their marketing achievements:

About Us

Tokyo, Japan – Aiwa has been developing products to meet the growing demands from consumers since 1951 in Japan.

The commitment to designing & manufacturing cost effective, high-quality consumer electronics accompanied with a world class after-sales service connects us with dedicated consumers throughout the regions.

Aiwa Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) / Founding Legal HQ