Bluetooth Multi-speaker Systems: Soundbars vs. Home Theater Speakers

Soundbar or Home Theater Speakers? This is the crucial dilemma you will be facing when looking for a better sound output solution. The latest generation of Bluetooth multi-speaker systems is a significant improvement over the TV built-in speakers. If you love the sound quality for your free time, relaxing with movies, sports, concerts, and TV series, these two home systems with surround effects are the ideal choice to improve your audio and viewing experience.

Before starting the debate, let us first answer the question: Why should I consider upgrading my TV set sound speakers? 

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Either Solution Are an Upgrade to TV Built-in Systems

When it comes to TV sets and LCD display technology, in the latest years, we have seen great improvements. However, television getting slimmer led to not having the capacity to produce the amazing sound you wish for as a viewer. What we are saying is that you will not be able to immerse yourself in the scene fully. You know the feeling! When you watch your favorite scary movie, your heart racing, hearing to the creepy music and environment sounds. What about the amazing feeling inside during an action-packed movie. If you do not like these particular examples, what about perceiving every single tone of your favorite play or concert.

Yes, either a soundbar or home theater speakers are indeed a huge improvement over the built-in or bookshelf speakers. How significant is this upgrade? This depends on what model you are buying to make the experience more pleasant to the ear. 

What Is a Soundbar?

Let us go back to Bluetooth multi-speaker systems. The first possible choice is the soundbar. A soundbar is a compact and small solution to solve your need for better audio output. The device can be placed under the TV, hooked to the wall or shelf. One misconception with soundbars is believing that they are equipped with only one speaker. Instead, the soundbar has multiple speakers within the unit. Since a soundbar has several speakers, most of them do offer surround style audio. Overall, soundbars are an integrated sound system all in one tool.

What Are Home Theater Speakers?

Do you want to feel like being in a cinema? The closest way to recreate the experience of movie theaters is having yourself home theater speakers. This set of tools allows for a proper surround sound setup. By placing the speakers all around the room, you can achieve a better sound reproduction hearing from every corner. In this way, listeners can perceive every single little beat. The speaker set is mainly composed of right, left, center channel, surround sound, and subwoofers. That said, the price is not that affordable as the soundbars.



Why choosing Soundbars?

If you do not have a lot of space at disposition or a high budget, the soundbar can be your best pick. For upgrading everyday TV viewing, the soundbar will do the job perfectly. The device has a great advantage of saving space and being less expensive than other types of solutions. It also shows itself as a discreet presence within the environment in which it is located.

From the acoustic aspect, soundbars can perform discreetly also because they have a slightly curved line. This design allows us to recreate a more enveloping and dynamic sound, increasing the listener’s involvement. A soundbar can also allow us to connect other devices and the television through Bluetooth technology or via cable. The device is considered as the minimalist dream for audio demands.


  • Extremely simple to set up
  • Practical and discreet
  • Minimal wiring required
  • Reasonable price
  • Compact, saving space
  • Better sound performance than regular TV speakers


  • Compared to home theater systems, it will sound worse on average
  • The surround effect is virtual and not effective
  • Limited audio control capability


Why Choosing Home Theater Speakers?

Home theater speakers can give full emotion and maximum involvement, paying attention to the entire range of frequencies and dividing the bass from medium and high tones. Connectivity is maximum because there are several possibilities to connect additional devices or new audio sources, creating an integrated Bluetooth multi-speaker system. The sound output is homogeneous, incredibly realistic, with a crystal clear distinction of sound frequencies, favoring a better acoustic perception.

Depending on the surround sound version, you have a 2, 5, 7, or 9 speaker set. Usually, the preferential choice is 5-7 surround-sound speakers, including the receiver and center speaker.  Unfortunately, this sound system option requires a wider room. The situation can be improved with Bluetooth speakers. Even so, it would be best if you still considered money and space factors. Ultimately, a home theater system is capable of high-level acoustic performance.


  • Top surround sound experience
  • Wide choice of surround options based on room size
  • Fully customizable setup


  • Requires a lot of wiring (unless you opt for wireless speakers)
  • The necessity of wider space
  • Given the characteristics, the price is higher than any other solution. It can reach several hundred dollars and even exceed a thousand.




Now that you better understand both products` pros and cons, you can embark on your next purchase. In small environments where space is tight, the soundbar is the best possible indication for a rational, efficient choice. On the other hand, to reach the best audio performance, home theater speakers are the best option. At Aiwa, we have a long experience with entertainment developing LCD television, LCD computer monitors, and Bluetooth multi-speaker systems. Our team welcomes the opportunity to show you our newly developed solution. Contact Us!