Top Tips for Cleaning Your LCD TV Display

What can be better after a long day’s work than lying down on a sofa watching TV? The television can become our best friend to relieve the pressure from work, relationships, and annoying relatives. LCD TV displays as added “member” of the family also need to be taken care of. For this reason, it is recommended to regularly clean the LCD screen as dust and dirt may affect its performance. What we are trying to say is that if the television is too dirty, you won’t be enjoying your favorite program. Trust me! you do not want that…

In this article, we will look at some tips to take good care of our LCD TV display. Let us jump right in.


Things to avoid 

How can we clean the LCD Display? This is a concern for many people. Before we find out the answer, we need to know what to avoid. Here, please do not take out your t-shirt and wipe the screen from those beer stains, calm down, and hear me out. Many people would easily make mistakes in solving this problem even without consciousness. So let’s take a look at some wrong cleaning methods first:

  1. Wiping the LCD Screen directly with the palm or fingers

You should know that LCD should not be touched. When rubbing with the palm or fingers, it is difficult to use the right amount of force. If the force is too strong, it may cause permanent damage to the liquid crystal molecules, which translate into watching at a multicolor liquid stain on your TV instead of your favorite show.

  1. Wipe the LCD screen with a rough towel

Someone may directly clean the LCD display with the towel used to wipe the table at home. However, this is a wrong behavior as you can scratch the surface or get the screen even dirtier. Do not also use paper towels, toilet paper, or old T-shirts. These materials are abrasive and leave a lot of residues.

How to Clean the LCD TV Display

Now that we know what we should not do, let us move with the proper cleaning methods. First of all, let us briefly explain the LCD TV display structure. The LCD panel is mainly composed of two sodium-free glass sandwiched by a polarizer, a liquid crystal layer, and a color filter. Feeling confused? check here our article about LCD TV displays.

Moving on to the cleaning. Well, the first thing you should do is to turn off your television. I know it seems obvious to say, but many people do not follow this step. After that, you have two main choices: standard or creative method:

The first being the standard option, is the most formal and troublesome. Stand up and go out buying the special LCD cleaner and microfiber cloth to clean the LCD screen. If you are too lazy, you can order it online. Although this method is effective, it implies that you need to buy the cleaning agent and my friend, depending on how regularly you clean, it can be expensive. Once bought the products, apply the cleaning agent to the cloth and gently wipe the entire surface of the LCD TV display, removing any visible traces of dirt and dust.

If you thought it was too easy after hearing the standard option, or those nasty stains are still there, we have the solution for you. Here we share the “creative” method.

Prepare a liquid solution using equal amounts of vinegar and water. Vinegar is a natural and safe detergent and is much cheaper than the products on the market, specially designed for cleaning televisions.

Dampen the microfiber cloth in the vinegar and water solution and then wipe your TV screen softly. If necessary, apply gentle pressure and a circular motion to the spots where you notice stubborn stains. Keep in mind not to spray the vinegar solution directly on the TV screen, as you could damage it irreparably.

Following, use a second microfiber cloth to dry the TV screen. Pay attention not to allow the screen to air dry. Otherwise, annoying halos may remain and influence image quality.

Finally, wash the plastic frame of the TV. If the frame also requires a more intensive cleaning, use some paper towels after wetting it in the vinegar and water solution. Use paper towels to dry it completely.



To better enjoy your LCD TV display, you need to take good care of it. Our team at Aiwa is devoted to developing innovative solutions for visual entertainment with LCD TV, LCD monitors, and other electronic devices. Our product offers a longer life-span and longevity. 

I hope you now have a clearer understanding of how to deal with dirty TV screens. For more information about our product range, contact us