Fixed frequency / variable frequency:frequency conversion
Energy efficiency rating:First level
Internal machine size (mm):398×398×1810
Outside machine size (mm):863×347×602
Cooling capacity (W):5100 (600-5450)
Heating capacity (W):5650 (600-8100)
Cooling input power (W):1440 (230-2400)
Heating input power (W):1400 (210-2574)
Electric heating power (W):2100
Noise (dB) inside/out:22-43-45/55
Net weight (kg) inside/out:28/32



Cool feeling New ideas for a comfortable life
Drive the air with your heart, enjoy the quiet and refreshing privately



Silent air supply Customized and intimate without disturbing life
Dual eddy current noise suppression technology, 18 decibels* like a lover’s whisper Enjoy life comfortably without fear of disturbance.



Titanium high temperature double steam self-cleaning
Intelligent and innovative self-cleaning technology, one-key operation is more worry-free, The air is fresh and health is from the inside out.
Double drive frequency conversion Enjoy pleasant temperature faster
Double compression symmetrical rotor compressor, double power, The whole machine runs efficiently, smoothly and quietly.


18 soft wind blades 1440 soft wind micro holes The smallest aperture is only 3.5m Smart cool feeling soft wind
Intelligent cool feeling soft wind system will be traditional The hard wind of the air conditioner is scattered to avoid cold wind Direct blowing, low forming speed, flowing Smooth laminar flow and soft wind greatly increase L comfort



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