Frequency/fixed frequency:frequency conversion
Heating and cooling type:Air conditioning
Heating capacity (W):6100 (1000-8000)
Circulating air volume (m3/h):700/770m3/h
Applicable area (m2):2334
Cooling capacity (W):5000 (900-6100)
Number of horses:2
Product Category:Hanging air conditioner



Left and right partition air supply Customized exclusive care for love
There are two windy areas on the left and right, which can be adjusted at will The wide-angle and long-distance air supply allows comfort to reach every



Moisture Control Technology Create healthy temperature and humidity
Intelligently monitor the environmental temperature and humidity, effectively inhibit the activity of bacteria and germs, and create a comfortable environment for the human


High quality compressor
Equipped with high-quality inverter compressor, faster speed increase, faster temperature change and higher cooling capacity It is high and cool, no need to wait.



Self-cleaning moved to the forest wind
No need to do the deep cleaning of the inner machine automatically.


Healthy and comfortable airflow Careful care
he cold air flow circulates from top to bottom to avoid blowing directly on the human body. The room is soothing and cooling, caring for the family intimately.