AIWA TV Review 2021: The Best 55″ to 80″ Inch LED TVs

The 4K LED TV offers up a fascinated image with TV shows, movies, videos, and games. This year, Japanese TV manufacturers release a great number of models that include different features. We’ve tested many different features’ TV, and below is our AIWA TV review of the best-LED TVs you can get. Let’s see our recommendations for the best AIWA LED TVs, best 180N/190N TVs below.


AIWA TV Review 2021: The Best 55 to 65 Inch LED TVs

  1. Best AIWA LED TV: AIWA 180N Smart TV

  2. Type: LCD   Resolution: 4K   Sizes: 32″ 40″ 43″ 50″ 55″ 65″

    The best LED TV we’ve tested is the AIWA 180N Smart TV. It is an impressive 4K TV from AIWA TVs line up, with a minimalist design and sturdy build quality that looks good whether it is wall-mounted or on a stand. Most importantly, it includes almost all the demands for what you need in a TV today and in the future.


    AIWA TV has upgraded the LED TVs series with the additional 4K HDR 10-bit display with WCG and vivid picture engine. And the result is a quality viewing experience and image contrast, as well as better motion quality than we’ve in the past decades. On the other side, AIWA 180N has a wide color gamut covering 88% of the NTSC color space and gets quite bright in HDR, enough to make highlights pop and deliver a satisfying HDR experience.


    Besides, Gamers should be pleased with its fast response time, exceptionally low input lag, and variable refresh rate support. AIWA 180N has also added the MEMC chip and 64-bit Quad-core 1.5GB+8GB, improving the gaming experience on the newest consoles.


    The AIWA TV series of 180N comes in 32-,40-,43-,50-,55-,65- screen sizes and included the streaming platform, which offers a wide variety of streaming services and a simple user interface. AIWA 180N even features an all-new slim speaker design, delivering an immersive acoustic experience right at home. All things considered, it should satisfy most of the consumer group, making it the best-LED TV that we’ve tested.


    1. The Best LED TV for HDR: AIWA LED TV- 190N

      Type: LCD    Resolution: 4K   Sizes: 32″43″50″55″65″

      The best-LED TV for watching 4K HDR content is the AIWA 190N. It is AIWA’s premium LED model in 2021 and has impressive performance with anything for you to watch the preferable HDR content. It’s well-built and has a minimalist style that should look nice in any setup.


      If you want to experience something with better out-of-the-box color accuracy, then check out AIWA 190N. Like the 180N, it has a wide color gamut, and it gets brighter, resulting in a really satisfying HDR experience. Reflection handling is perfect, too, so you shouldn’t have issues with the glare in bright rooms.


      Overall, 190N has an excellent performance in peak brightness, color gamut, or color accuracy. Also, it provides an excellent gaming experience due to the low input lag and fast response speeds. If you want an all-around TV with gaming support and wide viewing angles, get the AIWA TV 190N.


      1. The Best Mini LED TV For the Money: AIWA N20 Max

        Type: DLED   Resolution: 4K   Sizes:        75” 85”

        If you experience something different from Android TV, like the full DLED array backlighting, check out the AIWA N20 Max. The AIWA N20 Max offers wide viewing angles for larger groups and provides superb video processing and accuracy.


        The excellent 4K image quality, latest HDMI version, and superb gaming features – are all for a reasonable price.


        Getting a higher-performance LED TV now prepares you for the future as more content shifts from HD to 4K. AIWA offers advanced TV qualities such as a high dynamic range and a wide color gamut that ensures your TV will be compatible with the best-looking 4K sources. If you have more queries about AIWA TV series, please contact AIWA for more information.