What to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

According to many, the future of audio is wireless. Nobody can be sure 100%, but it is undisputed the convenience brought by Bluetooth speakers to the whole entertainment industry. Trust us! It has never been so easy to listen to our favorite songs. We finally can say we have conquered the outdoors. 


Nowadays, you just need to bring your smartphone and Bluetooth portable speakers. Once connected, the party is on! 


In this article, we are going to talk about Bluetooth outdoor speakers. We will focus on some aspects that you should consider before picking your new audio station. If you are interested in indoors speaker comparison, check out our other guide: What to Look for When Buying Bluetooth Stereo Speakers. Without further ado, let us jump right in!


Aspects to Consider When Choosing Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers

Among the features to consider when choosing an outdoor Bluetooth speaker are those related to the design. Just because it looks beautiful does not mean it sound good! Do not set on external appearance. It would help if you also considered the shape, the dimensions, and, above all, whether the case is designed to be used in humid environments or with frequent water splashes. Here are some of the most important aesthetic features you need to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker for the outdoor.

Size and weight: The smaller speakers are, the easier to be carried around. However, due to their compact size, they cannot offer a complete musical performance like that of the larger speakers (especially regarding the bass). If you need speakers for the living room, do not look for compactness at all costs, instead focus on sound quality. If, on the other hand, you need speakers to be used mainly on the move, focus above all on compactness and autonomy (without forgetting the sound quality, which is always important!).

Environmental resistance: If you intend to use the Bluetooth speakers outdoors (for example, on the beach or in the pool), make sure they are resistant to water. Not only that, but you also want to check if they are also designed to be protected against dust. The last comment is not just directed to the people allergic to dust. Dirt can enter the speakers and can negatively influence the sound. 

Controls: Many Bluetooth speakers have buttons to control music playback and volume. Their compatibility should be ensured with most smartphones and tablets on the market. However, it is better to double-check the controls’ compatibility with your devices before purchasing.


Technical Features

The problem is certainly more difficult when you get into the technical characteristics of Bluetooth speakers. These factors define the sound quality, the compatibility list, and even battery life. But do not worry! We got you covered!

Autonomy: Bluetooth speakers can have different levels of autonomy. If you need a speaker to use primarily on the go and/or where there are no power sources at hand, buy one with at least 8-9 hours of battery life. Be careful! The autonomy declared by the producers is not always the same as the real one. On the contrary, it is often lower because it is calculated on a medium-low level listening volume (and, you know, the higher the listening volume is, the more the cash desk’s energy consumption increases).

Drivers: The drivers present in outdoor Bluetooth speakers are the transducers that convert the electrical signal into sound waves. Generally, each of them deals with a certain range of frequencies. For example, the tweeters deal with the high frequencies, the midranges deal with the medium ones, and the woofers deal with the bass. As you may imagine, the more compact the device, the worse the sound quality is. If you are looking for a high-quality sound, buy a speaker with dedicated drivers for all sound frequencies.

Sound quality: Before buying a Bluetooth speaker, it is necessary to inquire about the balance of high, medium, and low frequencies, the “spatiality” of sound, and so on. It is also necessary to consider some technical parameters, such as the frequency response, which indicates the range that the speakers can cover. The greater the range of frequencies that the speakers can cover, the greater the sound’s fidelity. To guide you in your choice, know that the human ear can perceive the frequency range from 20 to 20,000Hz.

Range of action: Generally, outdoor Bluetooth speakers have a range of actions ranging from 10 to 30 meters. Choose the ones that best suit your connection. You should know that speakers based on the latest Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5) ensure a wider range and lower energy consumption.

Multipoint Connectivity: Speakers with multipoint support can connect to multiple devices at the same time. This allows them to automatically “capture” the sound from the first device on which playback is started and monitor multiple tools simultaneously.

Inputs: On most Bluetooth speakers, there is a 3.5 mm jack that allows you to amplify the sound coming from devices that do not support Bluetooth connectivity. Some speakers also have slots to listen to music stored on microSD cards and USB / micro USB inputs. In some cases, the USB ports can also be used to recharge the connected devices.

Charging system: If you need to charge your Bluetooth speakers in an easy, convenient and flexible way, try to buy speakers that are charged via USB cable (or micro-USB) and not necessarily with a direct connection to the power outlet.

Here you have it! These were the main aspect to consider when purchasing outdoor speakers. At Aiwa, we came out with newly developed Bluetooth speakers that can be used both indoor and outdoor. For the outdoor, we have kept the unit light and compact. At the same time, we invested highly in sound quality to make it clear with incredible bass. The battery power and compatibility with most of the main smart devices can keep the party going on for a long time!



Make your choice! Choosing the right speaker may help you define an amazing memory in your life! This is what our team at Aiwa strives for, creating unforgivable moments through our entertainment devices. If you are interested in outdoor Bluetooth speakers, check out our latest releases!