Model: XQG90-T5
Color: titanium gray
Washing kg: 9kg
Net weight: 67kg / 73kg
Machine size (L * w * h mm): 595*570*845
Energy efficiency grade: Grade I
Washing power: 100W
Dehydration power: 500W
Maximum speed: 1200rpm
Display type: LED
Working mode: belt
Motor type: variable frequency motor
Tong Suo: Yes



Steam wash Smart drum washing machine



Micro steam air washing Make a SPA for clothes
Through the three-dimensional high-temperature steam injection, water molecules penetrate deeply into the fabric fibers Effectively remove stubborn stains attached to clothing, making clothing as clean as new


Remove the fumes from the body

Use high-temperature spray steam to remove odor molecules attached to clothes Or pet fluff sticking to clothes, reduce the frequency of washing clothes, freshen the smell and protect the clothes



BLDC DC variable frequency motor, strong power, low consumption and energy saving
90°C high temperature barrel from Avoid secondary pollution of clothing
High temperature hot water at 90 ° C scours the inner wall at 100 rpm, Remove the residual dirt of clothes, clean more assured


Leaking laundry is added at any time It’s okay to be casual

Press the start button for 3S to add the leaked laundry, no need to wait for a long time, convenient and intimate


Zoom in a bit To see the beauty of the details


Multiple washing modes Meet the needs of the whole family
According to the type of clothing and degree of soiling Choose different washing procedures to clean and not damage clothes.
Power-off memory function
Don’t worry if there is a power outage during the washing process Automatic laundry work when calling
LED intelligent display
Visible at night
Special anti-oxidation coating drop box Anti-oxidation and anti-rust
Safety child lock
Prevent curious baby from touching by mistake
Special material sanitary door seal
No need to wash to avoid secondary pollution of clothes