Capacity Range:8/10kg
Max Spin speed:1400RPM
Net Weight(kg):8kg:62
Gross Weight(kg):8kg:68
40HQ loading Qty:8kg:153



96 ℃ high temperature cooking Long-term soaking clean bacteria
Physical sterilization method, safe and efficient without chemical additives
3D garment steam wash Warm steam deep penetration sterilization and deodorization
Healthy sterilization of fluffy clothes to reduce discoloration More suitable for fragile clothing silk/cotton/wool/fading
Steam prewash
Soften stubborn stains on the surface Soften surface stains and make it cleaner
10KG massive huge capacity
Full set washing of bed sheet, quilt cover and blanket Meet the needs of a family size, no need to separate laundry


WBS aviation shock absorption

Intelligent balance anti-shake system Equipped with damping support, washing and high efficiency shock absorption and noise reduction


BLDC inverter motor
Energy-saving and low-noise operation, enjoy fast and quiet enjoyment
96℃ high temperature cylinder self-cleaning
High temperature and high pressure water flow flushes the inner cylinder to create a cleaner and healthy washing environment


Ingenious design, the art of life