Efficiency:AU:2 Stars / EU: class C
Heating Power:1800W
Motor Power:200W
Air outlet way : Optional:Front / Back
Inner Drum material:Galvanized sheet
Inner Drum light:White LED light
Inner drum Diameterφ(mm):573
Inner drum Depth(mm):390
Inner drum cavity(L):101
Door open angle:150
Door outter Diameterφ(mm):481
Door Slot diameterφ(mm):320
Door Material:Plastic PC(Tea Transparent)
Door open side:Right side
Body material:Metal (Powder painting)
Motor :Aluminum Induction Motor
Upside down:Optional
Shoe rack:Optional
Air Drain Pipe (Back):1.5m
Net Weight(Kg):30
Gross Weight(Kg):33
package: carton box
Product dimention(mm):555*598*845
package dimention(mm):580*650*880
stacking tiers: 4
Loading Qty:40HQ 215



30 minutes fast baking Instant-bake and quick-drying, ready to wear
Busy early in the morning, long time to put on the shirt in a hurry? Due to improper drying of down jackets, the fillings will block and keep warm? Don’t worry, the Samsung heat pump dryer can quickly dry a small amount of clothes in only 35 minutes, and you can wear them immediately, saving trouble and worry. One or two shirts alone can also be dried quickly, and the clothes can be clean as “new” every day.


Low temperature protection fabric does not hurt clothes
Heat pump low-temperature drying technology; no heater is used to circulate heat energy
Dual smart sensor Dry clothes and stop drying clothes just right
Sensing temperature and humidity, real-time monitoring of the degree of drying clothes in the barrel to prevent clothes from transitioning Deformation, shrinkage, and wrinkles caused by drying, protect clothing and protect colors more energy-saving
Deep mite removal Care for every inch of skin
Key to remove the mites hidden in the fiber to protect the delicate skin, More comfortable to wear
Dynamic drying fluffy and soft Let you have skin-friendly enjoyment
Shake the fibers of the clothes while drying Restore the elasticity of the fiber, let the clothes restore fluffy and fullness
10 kg large capacity Meet the needs of the family
Whether it’s seasonal sheets and quilts, or to meet the health needs of clothing, Can easily handle the drying needs of the whole family