Model CNLF18DZ/ABp-SMKd18-22
Rated heating 1 Rated heating capacity  W 18000
Rated heating power W 5294
COP W/W 3.40 
Rated heating 2 Rated heating capacity  W 18000
Rated heating power W 4286 
COP W/W 4.20 
Rated heating 3 Rated heating capacity  W 14500
COP W/W 3.65 
Water rate L/h 271 
Nominal heating  Rated heating capacity  W 12500
Rated heating power W 5411
COP W/W 2.31 
Rated cooling Rated cooling capacity W 13000
cooling power W 5000
EER W/W 2.60 
IPLV(H) W/W 2.95 
IPLV(C) W/W 3.70 
Maximum input power W 6.60 
Maximum input current A 30.00 
Power 220V ~ 50Hz
Liquid side、Gas side   Liquid side9.52,Gas side 15.88
Size of inlet and outlet pipe DN32
Refrigerant Type  R410A
Charge Kg 4.10 
Outdoor dimension Unit  L*W*H mm 939*392*1369
Packing  L*W*H mm 1080*470*1470
Water module size Unit  L*W*H mm 720*500*340
Packing  L*W*H mm 855*605*424
Outdoor net weight Kg 95
Water module net weight Kg 40
Outdoor noise dB(A) 59.5
Water module noise dB(A) ≤45
Unit function Heating 、cooling 、making hot water