Frequency/fixed frequency:frequency conversion
Heating and cooling type:Air conditioning
Heating capacity (W):6100 (1000-8000)
Circulating air volume (m3/h):700/770m3/h
Applicable area (m2):2334
Cooling capacity (W):5000 (900-6100)
Number of horses:2
Product Category:Hanging air conditioner



Sterile care for mother and baby
Guard mother and baby’s clean breath at all times



Maternal and child sterilization Create an air barrier
Deep ultraviolet sterilization can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses in the room, Protect mothers and babies from germs.



Smart self-cleaning
Intimate companionship from beginning to end Clean from the inside out, and use the new air conditioner to protect the comfort and health of mothers and babies.



Powerful self-cleaning
9 innovative technologies, one-button intelligent self-cleaning, 56℃ can be achieved during self-cleaning High temperature sterilization, the sterilization rate is 99%, care for your family’s healthy breathing.


Rapid heating and cooling
Equipped with high-quality inverter compressor, faster speed increase, faster temperature change and higher cooling capacity It is high and cool, no need to wait.


Perfect craftsmanship, leading fashion Create a new era in the industry