Capacity Range:10kg
Max Spin speed:1400RPM
Net Weight(kg):10kg:64
Gross Weight(kg):10kg:70
40HQ loading Qty:10kg:153



Largest Capacity Compact All-In-One Washer/Dryer



Three balancing devices are not embarrassing for washing
Suspension balance, counterweight balance, and support balance are three balancing devices that automatically correct the internal balance of the washing machine in real time, ensuring stable operation without disturbing people.
CIM Low Noise Variable Frequency Motor
CIM low-noise variable frequency motor, running more smoothly and quietly, high efficiency and energy saving, strong power laundry cleaner, more dehydration.
Water film inner tube
Water film inner tube Water film shape and shark fin lifting ribs, coupled with 204 water spray outlets, are cleaner and more carefree.


The fin lifting ribs are washed and beaten more fully
The beating path is longer, the pat and wash is more thorough, and the clothes are cleaner.
Spray defoaming wash 360° clean and no residue
The sealing ring is matched with the high-pressure spray of the lifting ribs, and the whole process of washing, bleaching and taking off is sprayed. The inner cylinder, door cover and clothes are cleaner and no residue.
Wash clean, more efficient than mother hand washing
Self-cleaning The inner tube can also take a hot bath by itself
96°C high temperature hot water combined with spray water flow technology, soak the inner cylinder in all directions, effectively remove residual bacteria, Prevent secondary pollution of clothing and care for your health!

Dry and dry, quick drying is more worry-free


High temperature drying sterilization rate 99.9%+ The removal rate of mites is 96.8%*, more efficient than sunlight


15 washing and drying modes Smart washing technology air washing


Air laundry Sterilization, deodorization, fluffy, protective clothing
Using micro-steam care technology, hot air with a wind speed of 18m/s is injected into the laundry cabin to quickly penetrate the fabric. After depressurization and softening, It restores the fabric’s softness and elasticity, removes 99% of bacteria*, and blows away dander and dust with strong wind.

The design is both aesthetic and practical

Touch button
The panel adopts high-strength tempered glass
Large scald cover
Prevent high-temperature burns from drying
Special Design
Pull-out drawer design