Aiwa cost-effective
Mobile Air Conditioning



Are you still troubled by these problems?

Secondary pollution
Use the central during the epidemic
Air conditioning, easy to cause air
Secondary pollution
Punching destroys beauty
Install the external machine to drill the wall
Destroy the beauty of the walls
Troublesome disassembly
Rental apartment without air conditioning
Troublesome disassembly
The kitchen is sultry in summer
Summer kitchen cooking



Powerful compressor
The brand-name compressor has built-in environmentally friendly refrigerant (R290) with strong performance and high magnetic performance.
Stable and stable operation, low noise, long service life, big brands make people more attractive
Humanized noise reduction design
Air duct optimization and compressor soundproof package design, reduce noise in an all-round way Let you enjoy the cool
Smart child lock design
Let the family feel more at ease
Intimate child lock is designed carefully to prevent the baby from accidentally touching and causing harm



Independent dehumidification and say goodbye to dampness
There is no need to be afraid during the rainy season. Aiwa mobile air conditioner comes with a one-key dehumidification function, and smart dehumidification can also assist in drying clothes.