Child safe lock
Defrost by weight
Cooking end signal
stainless steel frame

Product(W×DxXH) 518X42X324(mm)
Packing(WxDxH) 574×470×365(mm)
Loading(20/40/40HQ) 300/615/700(pcs)


The interweaving of art and retro
Re-engraved oval mirror design, connecting the past and the present



360° three-dimensional heating
Turntable design/360°rotation/uniform heating

Gently spin
“The time/temperature is up to you.”


Control the heat delicately
“Both steaming and defrosting are good at”

(Low fire)
Keep warm meals

(Medium low fire)
Nutritional thawing

(Medium fire)
Food is crispy

(Medium high fire)
Delicious steaming

(High fire)
Instant hot food


Microwave directly into the interior, grilling and crisping the surface
In the combined mode, the microwave can directly reach the inside of the food, so that the inside is fully heated; the quartz tube can make the surface of fried food such as fried chicken, french fries, dough sticks, or dried fruit, nuts, etc. crisp, and return to the fresh taste.




High-power dual-mode heating, fully upgraded cooking experience
AIWA all-in-one machine is equipped with microwave and quartz tube grilling functions at the same time, which can make food taste better under the action of double firepower.


35L plate heating, versatile cooking space
Variety of cooking space The interior adopts a flat heating structure, which can accommodate a longer fish plate, and the space is multi-purpose and easy to clean.