Child safe lock
Defrost by weight
Cooking end signal
stainless steel frame

Product(W×DxXH) 595×338×390(mm)
Packing(WxDxH) 666×410×460(mm)
Loading(20/40/40HQ) 235/480/525(pcs)


Retro and trendy, detonate food
You can have both appearance and strength


Gently spin
“The time/temperature is up to you.”
360° three-dimensional heating
Turntable design/360°rotation/uniform heating


Control the heat delicately
“Both steaming and defrosting are good at”


(Low fire)
Keep warm meals
(Medium low fire)
Nutritional thawing
(Medium fire)
Food is crispy
(Medium high fire)
Delicious steaming
(High fire)
Instant hot food



Even if I missed my meal There are also hot meals under the stomach

If you’re busy at work, you have to spoil yourself, and quickly heat up a table of good dishes Always waiting for you who sleepless and forget about food

Easy defrosting guidelines
Fast enough fresh enough to cut well

The 0.2-1kg defrosting time guide is printed on the knob, so the defrosting time will no longer be entangled
Defrost quickly and evenly, restore fresh state

700W instant nutritious meal
“Breakfast for bed”

The microwave amplifier is equipped with 700W high firepower, which can quickly heat up the ingredients.
Delicious breakfast is out fast, not late for work

3D cyclic refraction
“Every corner can be cooked through”

Multi-angle reflective cavity, fully take care of the edge ingredients, multi-angle reflective cavity, fully take care of the edge ingredients,
Rain and dew are evenly wetted and heated evenly.

Take care of after-cooking oil
“It’s as easy as cleaning a table”

The inner tank is made of non-oily material, which is easy to clean and reduces housework