Being one of the experienced manufacturers and distributors of consumer appliances, AIWA has the responsibility to hold events that put high-quality appliances at the front. To fulfill this responsibility, we at AIWA held Domestic Appliance Distributors Reference. We welcomed all domestic appliance distributors to celebrate the big event and showcase our strengths by providing types of home appliances.

About the Domestic Appliance Distributors Reference 2022

The Domestic Appliance Distributors Reference was held on Feb 26th in Manarch Imperial Hotel, Sri Jayawardhanapura, Sri Lanka. During this great reference, we performed several important tasks, including rewarding top-tier distributors in 2021, showcasing high-quality appliances, expressing future visions, etc. 


Thus, to help you have a comprehensive understanding of our Domestic Appliance Distributors Reference 2022, the following is a detailed introduction of what we did at the grant reference. 


Highlights of Domestic Appliance Distributors Reference 2022

AIWA performed several interesting and informative tasks at Domestic Appliance Distributors Reference, and here are the top attractions in the reference. 


  1. Rewarding Outstanding Distributors in 2021 

During the references, we honored and rewarded the previous year’s outstanding distributors of domestic appliances. Some of the top-tier distributors who got fruitful sales volumes in 2021 gained appealing rewards and praises. By providing unique rewards, our domestic appliance distributors would be more motivated to meet the opportunities and challenges of 2022. In the future, we are going to continue this tradition to keep the domestic appliance industry sturdy.

  1. Showcasing Top-Quality Domestic Appliances 

It is acknowledged that domestic appliances are becoming indispensable components in our daily necessities, and it’s essential for users to get a piece of detailed information about the superior products. Thus, during the Domestic Appliance Distributors Reference, AIWA showcased numerous products to demonstrate our capability better. All the products displayed at the reference are of the best quality, including the mini microwave oven, full HD smart TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.


  1. Expressing the Vision to the Future

Last but not least, we expressed our vision of the future during the Domestic Appliance Distributors Reference. For instance, we will always be dedicated to providing types of high-quality domestic appliances to our loyal consumers with the most satisfying services. And we will make necessary changes and upgrades to our manufacturing processes to excel in the industry. Not only that, we try our best to offer our domestic appliance distributors the best rewards and create a pleasant working atmosphere for our staff.


AIWA: What You Should Know

Being a global manufacturer and seller of domestic appliances for more than 70 years, AIWA holds the potential to reshape and drive the future of this industry and is one of the biggest global manufacturers of domestic appliances. As we demonstrated in the Domestic Appliance Distributors Reference 2022, we are committed to providing the best quality products to our customers, and we will follow the tradition and quality as we are known worldwide. 

Not only are our products well-known for their quality, but also for their affordable price points. For example, due to our well-settled production processes and quality commitment, we are going to keep our products available to a wider array of customers. And no matter how much income our consumers have, they will get the most satisfying home appliances on our side. In other words, we benefit all levels of salary customers with affordable prices and various functions products so that everyone can use our premium products. 


Thus, if you want to know more about our excellent home appliances and our well-known events, please don’t hesitate to check out our portfolio by clicking here