With the rapid development of science and technology, full-automatic household appliances come into people’s daily life, especially for the fully automatic washing machine with dryer. It helps people in satisfying their laundry and drying needs with no effort. It is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s fast-paced lives if you want to wash and dry your clothes at the quickest speed.

In case you are still wondering about the fully automatic washing machine with dryer, in this article, we will help you clarify why to choose it and where to buy a capable one. Let’s scroll down to get something more.


Why Choose Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Dryer?

Before knowing why to choose a fully automatic washing machine with dryers, let’s figure out what it is. A fully automatic washing machine with dryer is a device in which all processes from washing to drying happen independently with the help of pre-embedded programs without any outside manual interventions. There are numerous advantages of the fully automatic washing machine with dryer over manual or semi-automatic machines. The following are significant merits of the machine, which is your washing machine buying guide.


  1. Automation

Full automation allows you to free yourself from the hectic work of laundry. All you have to do is put the clothes into the washing machine and turn it on. The washing machine will take care of the rest, assisting you in saving both time and energy.


  1. Compactness

Because of its intricate design, a fully automatic washing machine with dryer, especially from AIWA, occupies much less space than its counterparts while performing all the necessary functions immediately. You do not have to buy a separate dryer and place it alongside your machine, as you get everything inside a single machine from AIWA.


  1. Availability of Multiple Wash Programs 

Multiple wash programs, such as sterilization and deodorization, are crucial since we wear different clothes and live in different climates. Various wash programs are available in the fully automatic washing machine with dryer, thereby allowing you to clean all types of clothes without any difficulty. It is a major shift from semi-automatic machines or those without dryers as you cannot exercise much customization in those washing machines.

Types of Full Automatic Washing Machine with Dryer

After clarifying the merits of the full-automatic washing machine with dryer, the next thing is to choose the type of machine you want. Normally, fully automatic machines are categorized into two types: top load and front load washing machines.


As the name suggests, in a top-load fully automatic washing machine with dryer, clothes are loaded from the top side, and the tub is placed in a vertical shape. However, you have to put in the clothes from the entrance present on the front side in a front-load. Let’s compare the merits and demerits of both these machine types.


  • Water Consumption:Front-load machines are more water-efficient than top load as they consume approximately 40% less water because of their tumbling action. 


  • Cost-Effectiveness: Due to their design simplicity, top load machines are much more cost-effective. They take less space and vibrate less, thereby decreasing your operational cost.


  • Ergonomically Friendliness:Top load machines are much easier for people with joint issues as you do not have to bend while putting the clothes in them. However, if you have no bending issues, you can use front load machines without any worry.



Best Products from AIWA

Now that you must clearly understand the fully automatic washing machine with dryer, the next step is to purchase the high-quality one. Here we want to mention that AIWA, a capable washing machine provider, is your best choice. 

We at AIWA constantly provide advanced and helpful washing machines that can help you wash and dry easily. With the wide variety of machines available, you can choose the product of your own choice in our side. We have both front load and top load machines so that you can get your favorite one according to your needs. Not only that, ranging from 6kg clothes to 10 kg, we make products that can be served to a wide variety of customers so that everyone can get befitted from them. So if you are looking to get your hands on the best fully automatic washing machine with dryer, AIWA should be your first preference.