Product name Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner
Model AR2203
Rated voltage 14.4V
Rated power 160W
Battery capacity 2500mAh
Vacuum (standard / top grade) 12kpa / 15kpa
Dust cup capacity 0.6L
Charging time About 5.5
Noise ≤ 82dB
Endurance About 20 min / 13
Adapter input 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
Material ABS/PC
Dimension 235*175*1150mm
Warranty period Total 1-year warranty
Standards GB4706.1-2005,GB4706.7-2014, GC4343.1-2018,GB17625.1-2012
The package of the AR2203 handheld cordless vacuum cleaner will include: device body, connecting pipe assembly, floor brush assembly, two-in-one flat sucker, small brush, adapter, Instruction Manual and Certificate


Lightweight and Cordless Design for Easy Operation
AIWA Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
House-Coverage Dust Suction Excellent and Carefree Experience
Power and suction force enhanced for thorough cleaning.



Multiple Upgrades A New Breakthrough from Appearance to Performance


Upgraded style – lead grey X navy blue Concise, tough and powerful appearance
A quiet and elegant lead grey – navy blue style is preferred instead of single color for your choice relying on its charming lines and grey but not dark design of appearance.



Upgraded”Powerful Heart” High horsepower output Fast, accurate and powerful dust suction
The motor is the heart of the vacuum cleaner. The higher the power is, the higher the driving force will become. The power for this cordless vacuum cleaner can reach up to 160W*, realizing the desired high horsepower operation, and fast, accurate, powerful and thorough dust collection. *Sourced from AIWA Lab



15000Pa* high hurricane suction force Deep fine dust suction
When the device is turned on, the high-power motor runs powerfully, and the output can reach up to a 15000Pa* suction force, which is 45%* higher than that of the previous generation vacuum cleaner. All kinds of household garbage can be cleared up. *Compared to the previous generation vacuum cleaner-AR2202, sourced from AIWA Lab.



Upgraded multi-purpose floor brush Dust suction and wiping are allowed simultaneously forkeeping clean and shiny floor
The floor brush has a built-in 7500rpm*electric motor for deep clearing of debris, dirt and hair. The spiral floor brush is used with the bottom scraping strip to allow suction and wiping at the same time. Clean and dust-free floor can always be kept regardless of marble, wood or carpet. *Sourced from AIWA Lab.



Portable Cordless Design A Redefinition of Easy Operation


Power cord abandoned, portable cleaning allowed Convenient dust suction
Portable Cordless design without entangling power cord, ensuring convenient and carefree cleaning in each room.



Lightweight body for portable operation Say goodbye to wearing cleaning
By improving the design and reducing the size and weight of the motor, battery and packaging structure, the host weight of the vacuum cleaner is less than 1kg *, which is lighter than three cans of coke. It can be lifted easily with one hand and therefore you will not feel tired even after all rooms are cleaned. *Sourced from AIWA Lab.



Flexible and versatile A multi-function cleaning star


3 big brush heads Easy suction method for garbage-free purpose
Equipped with floor brush, two-in-one flat sucker, small brush and extension rod for thorough house and car cleaning.


Connecting extension rod Out-of-reach dusts can be removed

Do you still feel hard to remove those dusts from high places? Just connect the extension rod, those dusts on the ceiling can be removed directly; The lightweight mini design makes it easy for you to lift the device up and clean for a long time even when you are only 160cm tall.


Small brush head All hair on the fabrics can be removed by your kids

Every pet owner has the same trouble at home – – flying pet hair. Just use the brush head, all pet hair can be swept and sucked from the fabrics, making you feel at ease during the hair loss period of your pets.


Small brush head All hair on the fabrics can be removed by your kids

Every pet owner has the same trouble at home – – flying pet hair. Just use the brush head, all pet hair can be swept and sucked from the fabrics, making you feel at ease during the hair loss period of your pets.


Light and thin brush head Dusts from every corner can be removed easily

Dusts are hidden at the bottom of the furniture you ignore! Just use the light and thin brush head, the dusts can be removed thoroughly since the device can flexibly reach every corner, even the table and chair legs.


Dedicated not only to house cleaning Have a great car cleaning!
The mini portable cordless design of the product allows a great car cleaning in the garage or at other places! Hair and fiber left on the seats, footprints on the carpet, snack crumbs can be sucked thoroughly.


Outstanding Details Optimized Cleaning Experience

Patented internal vortex * dust-air separation Thorough filtration and dust-free exhaust

A new internal vortex filtration method is adopted, which separates the dusts from the air under a high centrifugal force. The dusts are tightly locked in the cup, and the air can be discharged after a refiltration by a dense-hole filter for fear of secondary pollution. *A certified utility model patent, patent No.: ZL201822210440.6

Large battery capacity and long endurance for continuous big house cleaning

The battery level, after being fully charged, is enough for the cleaning work of the living room, bedroom and study, and therefore the product is quite suitable for big houses and duplex apartments. The intelligent BM management system is used for the battery in order to ensure the desired endurance, which is equivalent to that for a high-priced (1,000 yuan or higher) vacuum cleaner.

The filter element of the dust cup can be washed with water Reuse is allowed thanks to its high cost performance

After cleaning, take out the garbage of the dust cup. The dust cup and filter can be washed directly and reused after being dried thanks to the product’s cost effective design.

Easy 5-step house-coverage cleaning