Height:185 Width:60 Depth:69
Total net capacity (Liter) 314
Net fridge capacity (Liter) 198
Net freezer capacity (Liter) 116

Total no frost
Electronic temperature control
External LED display
Sky power interior LED light



The New classic Combi no-Frost Family

The tomorrow’s classic today this no frost bottom freeze
layout cooling range provides the optimum solutions or
timeless elegant design and state-of-the-art technology

The metal body
Love at First sight
U-Shape cabinet, no plastic”caps”, metal side back panel, stunning
perception with high quality feeling, design in Italy
The visible beauty.
Reductive Yet Sophisticated
Inner aesthetics by renowned Design House in italy
Roomy Clean, Homely Spontaneous space to keep food fresh and
perfectly preserved with style
The Fresh Convertible
Crisper Chiller in One Box.
The flexible compartment adapts to your needs to adjust airflow and
humidity for preserving meat or vegetables

The al Inverter. Sync. Adapt Less Energy Less noise.

A patent-owned technology to manage the centrifugal motor and inverter in a synchronized & adaptive operation, reducing energy & sound effectively

The smart Sensors Sense Adapt

The state-of-art smart sensors technology to achieve auto de frost cycle maintain optimum cooling management, delivering
the latest no-frost generation cooling solution to your life

Full Electronic Control
4 Modes Adaptive for
Easier Life
Eco/Smart/Fast Freezing/Fast Cooling

Customer-Centric Design Philosophy.
We respect Take Care

Aiwa delivers real sound product differentiation based on customer-centric philosophy we take care understand your
needs that one size does not fit all, more pop-exclusivity is delivered to you