Height:177cm  Width:90cm  Depth:59(W/O Handle)cm
Total net capacity (Liter) 436
Net fridge capacity (Liter) 291
Net freezer capacity (Liter) 142+3

Total no frost
Electronic temperature control
External LED display & stylish interior LED light



Aiwa air-cooled side-by-side refrigerator

Double frequency conversion, large capacity, air-cooled, no frost and no icing Folio has large capacity to meet the needs of the family for a week Air-cooled double frequency conversion, no need for manual defrost Slim body, more beautiful embedded installation Low energy consumption, less than once a day

Space When You Need It

Get more space for groceries in a great feature-packed refrigerator. Nothing beats the convenience of having more food when you need it, and with a generous 27 cu. ft. of space, you’ll have room and room to grow.

Sophistication at Every Turn

Contoured doors, hidden hinges, and a host of great interior features give your refrigerator a look that’s as sophisticated as it is functional. And its beauty isn’t just the outside. With every feature thoughtfully designed, this appliance helps you create the sophisticated, distinctive kitchen you want—and deserve.


291L large capacity, slim body Easily integrate into your home


20 compartments storage compartment Cold and hot raw and cooked without mixing

Divide the entire space of the refrigerator into 20 large partitions, the more the partitions fit together Management, the finer the storage, so that beverages, fruits, cooked food, frozen meat Snacks and skin care products have their own storage space.


280mm high compartment Large storage without pressure Watermelon cake can be put in whole Built-in 8-layer bottle rack No waste of door space Drink facial mask is ready to take


Adopt air-cooled non-frost technology Refrigerator does not freeze, bid farewell to manual defrost


Traditional direct cooling refrigerator Aiwa air cooled refrigerator
The refrigeration components leak out, and the moisture is easy to form ice, Regular manual ice cleaning is required Through blowing cold air to achieve refrigeration effect, evaporator Automatic frost, no need to ice dry and fresh


The operating noise is as low as 39db Low noise does not disturb people