Air-conditioning moves with your heart
A different summer refreshing moment accompanied

Surging power comes from the compressor
High-efficiency refrigeration benefits from high-quality compressors, which are equivalent to the heart of the
Stable, the refrigerant runs quickly and can be cooled quickly after a quick start

Original silver foil evaporator
Using arc U-shaped three-layer, large heat exchange area and high performance And stable.

Original titanium foil condenser
Double-layer titanium gold coating is used, which has good hydrophilicity, oil stain resistance, and
The utilization rate of dust and refrigerant is higher, and the cooling speed is increased
Corrosion resistant, and high temperature does not attenuate.



Self-cleaning dust-proof filter
The high-density filter on the back of the mobile air conditioner helps block dust, bacteria,
Hair and other harmful substances, refresh your natural wind

Twin turbo centrifugal
The pressurized air supply technology makes the kinetic energy of the motor stronger and ensures double-balanced air intake.
Increase the wind pressure of the turbine, generate strong centrifugal force, greatly increase the wind speed to about 10 meters per second, while controlling the noise
Below 52 decibels, the balance of increasing wind speed and reducing noise is achieved
Humanized noise reduction design
Air duct optimization and compressor soundproof package design, reduce noise in an all-round way
Let you enjoy the cool



Powerful refrigeration
Cool and cool everywhere