Child safe lock
Defrost by weight
Cooking end signal
stainless steel frame

Product(W×DxXH) 518X445X324(mm)
Packing(WxDxH) 574X474X365(mm)
Loading(20/40/40HQ) 300/615/700(pcs)


Inverter Smart Cooking
No limit to deliciousness




Frequency conversion microwave is fast and fresh
Excellent in multiple roles




Reheat the meal
Nutritious and delicious
Variable frequency firepower continues to output stably, quickly heating up soon, etc.
The taste is just right, no nutrition is lost
Bake evenly without sandwiching
Food color tempts the population to feel crispy
The inner cavity is drilled and the heat is evenly distributed in every corner of the cavity, and the food is evenly heated
Say goodbye to the scorched scorch, bake it out and it’s crispy and tender inside.



Food time
Have a nutritious breakfast in the morning to say good morning to the new day
Inverter microwave for fast cooking, breakfast is also very calm
The happiness of eating meat at noon is unparalleled
Light wave high-temperature roasting produces a burnt aroma, microwave locks the juice to enhance the tenderness, and roasts delicious finger-sucking chicken wings
Frozen meat thawing
As fresh and tender as I just bought
Defrosting is faster and more precise, the food is internally and externally made, and the softness and hardness are just right
Easily achieve one size fits all, keeping the ingredients fresh and nutritious



Friends get together time
Unavoidable delicious blessing
Large capacity, one cooking can meet the needs of 3-5 people
Large food can also be easily accommodated, cooking more freely