Capacity Range:6
Cover material:Toughened glass
Net Weight(kg) 6kg:27
Gross Weight(kg): 6kg:31
40HQ loading Qty 6kg:204



Aiwa automatic pulsator washing machine
Super washable, large capacity to wash family clothes at once



High-speed butterfly water flow, strong washing to reduce clothing wear
The uniquely designed pulsator cooperates with a specific rotation and stop ratio to form a strong butterfly-shaped water flow, lifting and turning the clothes, and reducing the entanglement and wear of the clothes and reducing the wrinkles of the clothes on the premise of washing the clothes.



Direct drive inverter motor Strong power and a clean step
Adopting leading direct-drive frequency conversion electric motor to precisely control the running speed of the pulsator and improve High clothes washing effect and uniformity, improve the rinsing rate, run quieter, night Washing in between is more at ease.

Rinse off independently, and wash away detergent residues.
The Aima fully automatic pulsator washing machine is equipped with independent rinsing and spin-drying modes. When too much detergent is put in or washing children’s clothes, the rinsing-off mode can clean the residual detergent in the clothes fibers and reduce the uncleanness of the detergent. It happened.

Large capacity of 8 kg, the sheets and duvet cover can be done at once*
It’s best not to delay things that can be done at once. This is the norm of modern life. Aiwa fully automatic pulsator washing machine, equipped with 8 kg large capacity inner tub, not only bed sheets The quilt cover can be done at once, and large items such as curtains can be washed.


Bucket self-cleaning mode, bucket air-drying mode
The washing machine itself can clean itself Avoid bacterial growth

A good washing machine is both inside and outside

Damping slow down
Close the cover to prevent pinch hands
Open lid and stop
Safe laundry
Explosion-proof tempered glass
Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
Waterproof button
Sensitive and durable
Side handle design
Lift and save effort Move easier