TV manufacturing is a complex process, and it takes a lot of skill and precision to produce TVs that look and feel great. That’s why AIWA is such a sought-after brand when it comes to televisions – we know how to make them look and feel amazing. To do this, AIWA relies on state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing processes. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the ways AIWA uses technology to manufacture our TVs in such a way that we always deliver top-quality products.

  • AIWAs History
  • How AIWA TV Is Manufactured
  • The Components of AIWA TVs
  • The Testing Process for AIWA TVs
  • Conclusion

AIWAs History

The history of AIWA begins in the early 1950s. Today, AIWA is devoted to manufacture quality TVs with our own brand name. We operates factories in both Japan and China. All of the televisions that are made by AIWA are designed in-house and then manufactured using state-of-the-art technology.

AIWA’s commitment to quality has earned it a reputation for being one of the most reliable TV brands on the market. Whether you’re looking for a budget option or something more high-end, AIWA likely has a model that will fit your needs.

How AIWA TV Is Manufactured

AIWA manufactures televisions using the latest in industrial design and production technology. From the moment raw materials are imported into the AIWA factory, to the finished product leaving the assembly line, every step of the manufacturing process is overseen by dedicated personnel who adhere to stringent quality standards.

Each individual component of AIWA TVs is meticulously inspected for flaws before it is assembled into a finished product. This ensures that each TV is of impeccable quality and meets all customer expectations.

In addition to rigorous quality control, AIWA also invests heavily in research and development in order to keep up with the latest technological advances. This allows AIWA to introduce new features and functions into its televisions continuously, without sacrificing overall quality.

The Components of AIWA TVs

AIWA manufactures high-quality televisions by combining cutting-edge technology with traditional manufacturing processes. Our mainframe is a world leader in 4K Ultra HD video processing, and our advanced screen coating process produces images with exceptionally clear resolution and contrast.

The AIWA mainframe uses eight processing cores to handle 4K Ultra HD video processing, as well as other functions such as motion compensation and image stabilization. This allows the television to create natural-looking images that are free of artifacts caused by digital noise or distortion.

To produce the TV’s frame, AIWA uses a light guide plate that directs the light from the backlight into the screen. This eliminates reflections and other distortions. The result is an image that appears sharp and clear, regardless of viewing angle or ambient light conditions.

AIWA also employs a number of other quality-control measures to ensure that each television meets high standards for image quality. These include rigorous testing of all component parts before they are combined into the final product, as well as stringent quality assurance procedures during manufacturing.

The Testing Process for AIWA TVs

To create a quality TV, AIWA goes through a rigorous testing and quality control process. First, we use in-house test units to evaluate and optimize the performance of each model before it goes into production. Then, during manufacturing, all AIWA TVs are subject to strict tests and checks to ensure they meet customer satisfaction requirements. Finally, every unit is delivered to customers with a warranty backed by technical support.


AIWA is a well-known and trusted TV brand, and our televisions are known for delivering great picture quality. Our manufacturing process is carefully thought out, and every step is crucial in order to ensure that our TVs are of the highest quality. From the design stages all the way through to production, AIWA takes excellent care in making sure that each and every TV they produce is perfect. Thanks to this rigorous approach to quality control, AIWA TVs are some of the most reliable on the market. Therefore, if you are looking for high-quality TV, consider AIWA and you won’t be disappointed!