category:Cabinet type
Number of horses:2 big
Fixed frequency / variable frequency:frequency conversion
Energy efficiency rating:Level 3
Energy efficiency ratio:3.80
Applicable area of the room (m2):20-32
Electric auxiliary heating power:2100
Cooling capacity (W):5100 (600-5700)
Cooling power (W):1550 (230~2300)
Heating capacity (W):5650 (600-8050)
Heating power (W):1450 (210~2867)
Internal machine noise [dB (A):22-43-45
Outside machine noise [dB(A):54
Internal machine size (width * height * depth) mm:416×1738×416
Outside machine size (width * height * depth) mm:863×602×347
Internal machine weight (kg):28
Weight of outside machine (kg):30



oft wind purification Efficient aldehyde removal
Two enjoyments with one air conditioner


It’s an air conditioner, it’s also an air cleaner Enjoy the beauty of pure air
Flexible modular design, according to needs The aldehyde removal function can be turned on independently, which is highly efficient and energy-saving.



Healthy air supply without worry
Baby play unrestrainedly and comfortably blow


Wisdom, health and gentle wind

Baby play unrestrainedly and comfortably blow




Overcome strength with softness Wet and cold are suitable for warmth
Perceive the surrounding environment Intelligent control relative humidity range 40%-60% Keep the room in a moist and comfortable state


Core intelligent frequency conversion technology, can quickly cool and heat
In winter, the house is warm before the coat is finished The pores are dry as soon as you enter the house in the hot summer


Smart WIFI control Control your life with gentle wind

Use APP to remotely control the air conditioner, Comfort is not limited. Smart technology, enjoy freedom.