Display screen: 31.51 inches LED backlightOptional size: 43 inches 50 inches 55 inches
Image ratio: 16:9
Display brightness: 400cd/m2
Viewing angle (CR>10): Full viewing angle (R/L 89 (Min.), U/D 89 (Min.)
Backlight life: 30000 hours
operating system Android5.1
GPU Quad-core ARMMail-764
storage 8G eMMC
CPU Quad-core ARM Cortex A17 (up to 1.8GHz)
Audio and video interface VGA×1, HDMI×1, VGA Audio IN×1
Storage expansion Micro SD Card(TF)×1 32G (Max)
Network interface LAN*1 (10/100M Ethernet), WIFI (802.11bgn)
Other interfaces USB2.0×2, SIM Card×1, AC Switch×1
Media file format Video: Support MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WMV, MKV, TS, flv and other mainstream video formats
Audio: Supports audio formats such as MP3
Picture: Support JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF and other picture formats
Program transmission USB, LAN transmission, WAN transmission
Play mode horizontal screen, vertical screen, full screen and split screen playback


Cloud digital signage advertising machine series


LG industrial-grade IPS commercial hard screen


High brightness 450cd/㎡, high contrast ratio 5000:1

The colors are exquisite and gorgeous, the picture quality is lifelike, and the true colors are restored under various lighting conditions to meet the color restoration needs of different industries

No sink
Long-term use of the LCD will not sink or turn yellow. The settlement of the normal screen LCD will cause the display on the lower edge of the screen to turn yellow.



Anti-glare surface treatment to remove residual images, so that the picture is not distorted and the picture quality is not disturbed.

GTV Intelligent Management System
Built-in multimedia information publishing system,
Support multiple simultaneous remote publishing and management
Connecting the screen to the network, one computer can manage all screens, saving traditional light box production costs, long replacement cycle, high labor costs and other problems; DM5 digital encryption technology makes information release more secure.

Built-in multi-industry templates, what you see is what you get
Get rid of complex operations
According to the characteristics of the industry, the system has built-in multiple industry display templates and intelligent split-screen technology to support the free arrangement and combination of any form of content such as videos, pictures, and text on the screen.


  Automatically switch different advertising content at regular intervals to achieve precision marketing and promotion
The system supports multi-period program presets, different programs are automatically and seamlessly switched according to the time period, there is no black field in the transition, and the machine is automatically switched on and off.


Sound follows the shadow, “Sound” is on the scene
The fuselage is equipped with integrated dual stereo surround dual speakers, deducting gorgeous sound effects
Let you enjoy a better audio-visual experience


Consider more for flexible picture presentation
Unique design without front frame, supports two display modes of horizontal and vertical placement, and can also be arbitrarily
The splicing combination provides greater design flexibility.


Tailor-made content services to help you solve content generation problems
Content is the core of creating a shocking visual impact. High-definition resources displayed in the same proportion have become a problem. Aiwa’s elite design team can tailor the display content according to product size and display requirements.


What you want is what you get without fear of interface restrictions
Rich interfaces such as LAN, WIFI, USB, HDMI, VGA, DP, AV, etc. to meet various application requirements

Diverse and flexible model selection
Meet the needs of various occasions

Application scenario


Cloud digital signage can play pictures and videos. Various combinations and layouts enrich the display of meals, allowing customers to understand the meals more intuitively and increasing their desire to buy.
Applying cloud digital signage to the ticket office can play both newly released films and catering pictures. The high-definition bright screen allows viewers to clearly see film and television dynamics, discount information, etc. even from a distance.
Relaxing music videos, beautiful afternoons, beautiful photography, wonderful blockbusters, and the impact is not only the visual but also the heart.
From the layout of the lobby to the room type, from the high-quality service to the hotel’s detailed culture, let customers know at a glance
A comprehensive display of staff status diagrams, banking business process prompts, and financial tips keeps each other closer.
Real-time news and information, comprehensive services of surrounding businesses stay within three feet of the office, look up, turn around, let you know what’s happening in the world and outside the window.