Frequency/fixed frequency:frequency conversion
Heating and cooling type:Air conditioning
Heating capacity (W):6100 (1000-8000)
Circulating air volume (m3/h):700/770m3/h
Applicable area (m2):23-34
Cooling capacity (W):5000 (900-6100)
Number of horses:2
Product Category:Split typeair conditioner



Comfortable airflow Careful care
The cold air flow circulates from top to bottom to avoid blowing directly on the human body; The hot air blows downwards and the whole house heats up quickly.



Double sterilization and purification Natural and pure breathing
UVC deep ultraviolet sterilization, healthy and clean air supply Moisture-reducing and anti-bacterial technology, cooling and not drying, always maintain moisture and vitality



Maternal and child sterilization Create an air barrier
Deep ultraviolet sterilization can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses in the room, Protect mothers and babies from germs



Smart self-cleaning Intimate companionship all the time

 Auto Cleaning

Auto Cleaning new upgrade, one-key active cleaning Clean from inside,keep the air conditioner new and clean